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Wildlife Safari Tour

Chitwan Jungle Safari - 5 Days

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is the most exotic adventure trip that goes into the wilderness nature and wildlife area. This is the famous tour of the Chitwan National Park. You will be exploring the natural habitat of the several wild animals, birds and vegetation in the park.

Bardiya National Park Tour - 3 Days

Bardia was once a royal hunting reserve of Nepal's Rana rulers from 1846 to 1950. Bardia was declared a wildlife reserve in 1976, first measuring 134 square miles (347 km²) and expanded in 1985 to 374 square miles (968 km²),

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve - 4 Days

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve which is named after the biggest river of Nepal, “the Koshi” was established in 1976, and covers an area of 175 sq. km to the north with one kilometer long barrage that spans the Koshi River. 

Parsa wildlife Reserve - 8 Days

Parsa wildlife Reserve is also one of the popular safari destinations of Nepal. Parsa Wildlife is located to the east of the Royal Chitwan National Park of Nepal. This Wildlife reserve is spread over 499 sq km of hills and flatlands in Terai region, and has a sub-tropical monsoon climate.